Location Manager

Starring Ed Byrne, Georgina Chapman, Olivia Colman, Dan Cryer, Kathryn Drysdale, Marcus Garvey, Ralf Little, Alan McKenna, Amanada Mealing, Justin Moorhouse and Andy Nyman.

John scripts TV sit-coms, one-liners, jokes. But hi whole life is one big joke. He has obsessive compulsive disorders. He won’t drive, or get on a plane, or drink out of bottles. He cleans everything, even if it isn’t dirty. Oh, and he talks to his fingers. When his girlfriend dumps him, he vows revenge. He’ll replace her with the #1 most desirable woman on the planet. His internet search leads him to the buxom charms of Czech supermodel Veronika Zemanova. We enter John’s surreal and off-beat world as he tries to overcome his old obsessions, in order to meet his latest obsession – Veronika.


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