Will Adam Frost replace Monty Don?

“Do you think Adam Frost is slowly being introduced as the new presenter of BBC Gardeners’ World to replace Monty Don, is he the new Geoff Hamilton?” This week I was asked that question while attending a gardening event.

In the first of the hour long episodes of Gardeners’ World we were introduced to garden designer and new co-presenter Adam Frost.

Adam has appeared on the show before but mostly in relation to coverage of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, of which he is a regular contributor with his show gardens.

Married with four children, Adam, aged 46, begins his new slot on Gardeners’ World from his recently purchased home and garden on the Lincolnshire/Northamptonshire border.

His horticultural career began as an apprentice gardener in a parks department in North Devon. At the age of 21 he started work in Rutland, at the gardens of the popular television presenter, the late Geoff Hamilton.

One of the most loved presenters of Gardeners’ World, Geoff Hamilton was a natural presenter. He connected with viewers on many levels, his passion for gardening and helping people understand gardening shone through. What also won him many admirers was his drive to enjoy gardening without breaking the bank. If someone could be found in a skip and turned into a beautiful structure or some old wood transformed into a cold frame – the public loved him for it.

Adam worked alongside Geoff for many years and even made the odd appearance on Gardeners’ World when Geoff needed an extra pair of hands.

During the previous few months there has been mutterings at gardening press events of plans to make Adam the main presenter and to return the show to its Hamilton roots.

Geoff Hamilton’s son Nick recently commented on the rumours: 

“Adam becoming main presenter is something I’ve heard from a couple of people, but I’ve not heard direct. I’m very good friends with Adam and get on very well with him so I’ve no problem with that. I think he’s a very good presenter.

If someone is trying to take off your dad and he’s not doing a particularly good job it’s a problem, but Adam wouldn’t do that – he’d be himself. After Dad died there were new people running Gardeners’ World very quickly. If you change the series producer it can have a massive impact on the way the programme goes.”

Currently the show is made by the BBC but there are plans for independent producers to take over the production of the series. Officially, the BBC have said there are no plans to make “changes to Gardeners’ World”.

Maybe it’s all just industry rumour and nothing will come of it, but then again. Introducing Adam over the course of the next year with regular updates from his new garden will give producers an opportunity to slowly gauge his popularity with viewers and allow time for his garden to mature, for viewers to develop an emotional attachment to it similar to Barnsdale, before making a more permanent replacement of garden and gardener in 2018.

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