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What to do in the garden during April

Work in the garden starts to pick up pace this month. There are lots to sow and transplant before planting after the final frost in late May/early June.

Mid-April and I’ll start sowing Sweet Corn and Runner Beans, these will be planted in their final growing positions after the last frost which for me is mid-May.

Sweet Pea plants will be planted towards the end of the month but frost will kill them quickly so make sure you use fleece around the plants, ideally wait until the start of May.

The ground starts to warm up. Start sowing carrots and parsnips at regular intervals from now until summer. Water the seed drill first being sowing and use fresh seeds. Parsnips can be difficult to germinate as they like darkness, try this method until the shoots first appear – https://diaryofaukgardener.com/how-to-achieve-success-with-parsnip-seed-germination/

If you’d like to introduce scent into the garden, you won’t go far wrong with Night Scented Stock. The scent gets stronger as evening approaches. For long flowering plants, try Cosmos which will flower until the first frosts of late Autumn.

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