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Using leaves to make free compost

At this time of year there is an abundance of leaves falling from trees that make for excellent leaf mould compost. You can create your own for use on the garden as either a mulch or for bulking up raised beds.

Every year you can find me in front of the house sweeping all the leaves into a pile. Use gloves or a leaf picker as you never know whatever you may sweep up by mistake. Remove any litter which will be collected.

Place into a heavy duty black plastic bag, piercing a few holes into the sides, and leave in a disused corner of the garden. Forget about it for a year.

When you return a year later you’ll find a rich compost. Before using in the garden, just have a quick look for any wildlife which may have set up home during the year.

I use my leaf mould compost to bulk up the raised beds. It’s beautiful compost with a rich earthy smell to it.

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