Broad Beans

Time to ponder

The grey weather continued and again I found an empty site when I arrived. Making the most of my time I set about cleaning one of the sheds. It’s surprising how quickly they can become full and need a broom swept around them.

Having a think about the prospect of sowing some crops before Christmas

I walked around the allotment, visualising how it will look next Summer. Taking out the measuring tape I worked out the width of the path between the beds, 2ft I’m thinking. At the moment I’m not sure what material the path will be constructed of, but I know that I don’t want grass.

While cleaning the shed I found a few packets of Shallots, Onions and Broad Bean seeds. If the weather is on my side next weekend I could peel back a few feet of the plastic in Bed 3 and maybe plant a row of Shallots, Onions and Broad Beans.

Bed 3

There was no point staying too long, it was cold and thinking can also be done at home by the warmth of the fire with a mug of tea in hand, so I headed for the gate as the light faded with a headful of ideas.

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Sean James Cameron

Passionate about gardening and teaching others to gain confidence through the growing of flowers, vegetables, fruit and herbs.


  1. The sun came out for a just few moments today but was quickly chased away by a blustery wind and a lashing of rain that soon turned to sleet. Local weather station is calling for a foot of snow.

  2. Hi Sean from NC, US. I'm also trying Charles Dowding's no big method on new ground. His garden is so productive. I binge watched your old allotment videos to catch up and now keepmy up with your new patch. I am really enjoying your enthusiasm. You are as obsessed as I am, lol.Linda

  3. It's really cold here in Nebraska. It's about -3C degrees with wind gusts up to 28 MPH. We have a light coat of snow from Sunday and the ground temperature is 2.7C degrees at four inches depth. The top couple inches is frozen. There was limited sunshine today with more of the same tomorrow. No gardening here today. Just working on Christmas cards in a nice cozy computer room.

    Nebraska Dave

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