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Kohl Rabi Schnitzel

Kohl Rabi Schnitzel with roasted potatoes, pepper, tomatoes, garlic, rosemary and halloumi. Except of the tomatoes and peppers everything harvested from the plot.

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How to Save Your Potatoes After Frost

Seed potatoes effected by frost

Your potatoes are chitting in the shed and there is a hard frost, what do you do? How to tell if your potatoes have been ‘frosted’? Can you use seed potatoes effected by frost?  A cold frost in late Winter/early Spring can catch any gardener out. Around this time potatoes …

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Amateur Gardener: Episode 1

We meet the gardeners and introduce the allotment before kicking off the season with the first sowings of vegetables and flowers. First shown on Sky television Sunday March 6, 2011. Sean visits an allotment site where the landlords may increase the yearly rent from £67 to £200/£400 and takes time …

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