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Shakespeare Onion Sets

Onion Shakespeare sets are a British bred, autumn planting brown skinned variety that produces high yields of good sized bulbs with excellent skin formation that means it shows good storage potential well into the winter months. If planted October/November it shows exceptional bolt resistance.

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How to Grow Onions (from seed)

Sow January, February, March Harvest August, September SOW INDOORS January to March thinly 1/2in (1cm) deep in clean trays or modules of firm pre-watered compost. Place in warmth 10-15*c (50-60*f) and keep moist at all times. When large enough to handle transplant 2in (5cm) apart to trays of potting compost. …

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Amateur Gardener: Episode 1

We meet the gardeners and introduce the allotment before kicking off the season with the first sowings of vegetables and flowers. First shown on Sky television Sunday March 6, 2011. Sean visits an allotment site where the landlords may increase the yearly rent from £67 to £200/£400 and takes time …

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