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Concentrated Soft Fruit Feed – Pre-planting

Feeds all season Improves fruit and yield Fast-acting Specially formulated for fruit-bearing crops like blueberries, blackberries and strawberries this pre-planting fruit fertiliser has a high level of potassium which boosts flowering and fruiting for impressive harvests. This concentrated slow-release fertiliser works over a long period of time and contains nutrients …

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Concentrated Brassica Feed – Pre-planting

Boost the roots of your brassicas Encourage large-superior plants Sealable air-tight tub This is the perfect fertiliser for all brassicas; it has just the right balance of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium for healthy cabbage growth and the growth of its relatives like sprouts, broccoli and cauliflowers. Pre-planting Brassica Fertiliser also …

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Concentrated Pre-Planting Sweet Pea Fertiliser

With essential macro and micronutrients Easy pour and reusable tub Air light lid for long-term effectiveness Get sweet peas to flower for longer with Concentrated Pre-planting Sweet Pea Fertiliser. Sweet peas are hungry plants and need plenty of food and water to give their best display. Our specially-formulated fertiliser has …

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Concentrated Pea & Bean Feed – Pre-planting

High in potash for superior flowers and fruit Added micronutrients for all-round plant health Easy sprinkle, air-tight tub Get the fattest, sweetest peas and beans, vibrant in colour and with maximum freshness. Specially-formulated feed, easy to sprinkle on your vegetable patch or containers, for growing excellent quality peas and beans. …

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