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Charles Dowding

How to Deal with Bindweed

Reduce the vigour of bindweed, both Convolvulus arevensis, field bindweed with pink flowers, and Calystegia sepium, hedge bindweed with white flowers and longer stems. I have cleared or almost cleared both on large areas, but needed 2-3 years for that. No dig helps enormously. You can compost all of it …

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Charles Dowdings’ Early summer veg garden

Summer arrives and the garden is full, with harvests happening and more to follow (this is zone 8a oceanic temperate). I show sowing and replanting to keep the harvests coming into winter, give tips on weeding to save time in the long run, and show you the summer compost heaps. …

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Gardening Without Digging – No Dig Gardening

I left the hustle and bustle of London and headed to the quiet countryside of Somerset. After enjoying an evening meal and restful night at The Manor House in the beautiful village of Ditcheat, I headed off to visit Charles Dowding – brainchild of gardening with digging which he calls …

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Dig a trench for climbing beans

Whether you are planning to grow Runner (Pole) Beans or French Climbing Beans, they all love a good base of moisture to help them grow. Over Christmas is a perfect time to start planning for this crop. Traditionally they are grown in rows, using bamboo canes for the plants to …

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Amateur Gardener: Episode 1

We meet the gardeners and introduce the allotment before kicking off the season with the first sowings of vegetables and flowers. First shown on Sky television Sunday March 6, 2011. Sean visits an allotment site where the landlords may increase the yearly rent from £67 to £200/£400 and takes time …

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