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Patio Apple Tree – Jonagold

High-yielding and reliable variety giving large fruits with attractive red stripes, and a crisp honey-like taste. Delicious sun-ripened on the tree. Plant near your vegetable plot to encourage pollinating insects to the area. Grown on roots to restrict their height to 4ft when fully grown, they produce lots of fruit …

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Patio Apple Elstar

Grow in isolation- you still get a good crop of fruit Grow in a bed or large pot to suit Perfect for eating or juicing Enjoy the harvests of apple Elstar producing fruit that has the perfect sweet and sharp balance, delicious to eat straight from the tree or juiced …

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Amateur Gardener: Episode 2

Sean harvests the first of the rhubarb and visits a new allotment site in Hampshire while Claire is in the greenhouse sowing the first fruit of the year. Jonathan gets frugal in the kitchen using the remains of last years harvest. Kris is busy sowing flowers and Geoff takes a …

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