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Night Scented Stock

Sow now for a scented summer

One of the most delicious scents I’ve experienced throughout my gardening years is that of Night Scented Stock.

Very easy to grow, it fills any garden with scent as evening approaches. It may not be the most attractive looking plant but you can plant it in between other plants.

It grows to a height of 30cm (12in) with a spread of 25cm (10″). Sow during March and April in its final growing position, keeping the area weed free.

You will be rewarded with a beautiful scent on the air as you enjoy the summer evenings ahead.

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  1. I sowed my scented stock last week in the greenhouse, trying out my new heated bed this year, chilli’s have been a great success.

  2. A job for the weekend I think! Might sow some polytunnel carrots too! The Night scented stock is for my patio 😁

  3. Could I grow these in pots? If they smell that good is like some outside my patio doors.

  4. I have just bought some night scented stock so I am going to put them in a tub i found in the shed .

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