Planting Spring Bulbs

October, November and even December in a mild year is the time to plant Spring flower bulbs. Plant when you are sure no frosts are forecast for the proceeding few days. Daffodils, tulips, crocus, grape hyacinths and snowdrops, to name a few, will give a flash of colour in Spring.

Rule of Thumb

The general rule of thumb when planting any bulbs is to bury it twice the depth of the bulb itself. Once planted give it a good watering and unless it is a dry winter you shouldn’t have to water them again when planting in the open ground. If you are planting into pots, water when the soil is dry.

When you follow the Rule of Thumb you can plant several types of bulbs in the same place, this is called the lasagna method. You can have daffodils furthest down with crocus about them for example.

Best of Three

When planting you get a far better, more natural, look when planting in groups of 3. If you aren’t bothered about design an easy way to plant is to throw your bulbs into the air and wherever they land, plant them in those positions.

Scented Bulbs

It’s always nice to ‘smell’ Spring as well as see it. For this there is one daffodil I’d recommend: Daffodil, v. Cheerfulness. It comes in Yellow and White. These can also be used in hanging baskets but make sure the basket is well watered.

Narcissus Yellow Cheerfulness – Daffodil Bulbs (Marshalls Seeds)

In the Green

For snowdrops there are generally two view points. Planting bulbs can be a bit hit and miss in my experience. For a guaranteed method of flowering plant them ‘in the green’. You can buy snowdrop plants in late Spring but will have to wait another year to get flowers. If you want to cover all bases you could try both bulbs and plants.

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