New Year, New Project

New Year, New Project

I’ve had an allotment for nearly 12 years but I’ve decided to walk away from it. Yes, you heard correctly. After 11 years of creating a beautiful space I’ve decided to lift up my fork and stroll off into the sunset with my wheelbarrow. Why? You may ask.

For me having an allotment is about trying to be as self-sufficient as possible. This path does keep me self-sufficient during Summer and Autumn but only a few weeks of Winter. To put it simply, I need more growing space.

Today I’m stood on my new allotment plot. A patch which last saw a tenant around 2 years ago. Despite only being on site for 5 minutes, there has been a development.

“The chairman would like to speak to you.”

What’s happened? I’ve only stepped foot on my allotment and I’ve been asked for audience with the top official. Entering the site community hut I find the Chairman sat by a table with a pile of paperwork in front of him and a mug of tea. As it’s the first day of the year I’m not the only one taking on a new plot. He informs me that the allotment next to mine has just been given up and would I be interested in taking it on. Because it “needs some work” he offers that I can have it for no rent during the first year.

I return to my plot and walk around, starting to visualise how I could layout this new, bigger, plot. I decide it’s too much of a good opportunity to give up so agree to both plots and pay the rent of £35.

I take lots of photos, from every corner of the plot. After a cuppa tea and a chat with the elders on site I make my way home with a head full of ideas. I now own two plots!

January 7, 2018: Looking from the communal path. 
January 7, 2018: I can see it was worked last summer from the remains of tomato plants.
January 7, 2018: The fence has seen better days but there are lots of chairs. 
January 7, 2018: A nice solid shed.
January 7, 2018: An old growing bed in front of the shed and large water tank.
January 7, 2018: The rosemary bush is very big.
January 7, 2018: View from outside the shed. My plot ends just before the shed you can see.
January 7, 2018: A new fence would be needed, in time.
January 7, 2018: Two large growing spaces with a path down the middle.
January 7, 2018: Towards the shed, they did love their plastic furniture on this plot.

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