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Monthly Garden Tour for December – Year 1

Last monthly walk around the plot in its first year.

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Passionate about gardening and teaching others to gain confidence through the growing of flowers, vegetables, fruit and herbs.

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  1. Barbara A Davidson

    Love the tour so much has happened in a year. The big move is finally over, 2 sheds are up, compost site planned stuff has been planted and potted up, fruits are in and mulched, you have tarped over the next area all ready for spring and the seed trug is ready. I am sure a few beautiful days in the new year and it will all come together before you know it. Happy New Year on the plot I am looking forward to seeing what happens.

    • Sean James Cameron

      Thank you for your comment Barbara. I didn’t think I had done much but after reading your comment I can see that it’s quite an achievement.

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