Last Day on the Committee

Last Day on the Committee
l-r: Sheena, Guy (Chairperson), Steve (Secretary) holding the cup and other plot holders.

I’ve been on the committee of The Rusty Allotment for around 8 years. Today was my final meeting before stepping down and subsequently leaving the site over the next year. It feels strange to be leaving something which became a big part of my allotment life on that site.

We’d meet every month and spend an hour doing “committee business”. This would range from organising the summer and autumn bonfires through to fixing fences and water tanks around the site as part of the monthly community days.

During my time I was also Site Secretary for a few years, I was given freedom to introduce a site newsletter, develop a community and run the place as smoothly as possible. If I had my time over again I wouldn’t have joined the committee so quickly. I had only had my allotment for two years before I joined, on reflection I don’t think anyone should consider joining a committee until their allotment is under control. Many years were spent wasting time on committee work rather than gardening my allotment.

During the past 8 years we won ‘Best Allotment Site in Borough’ three times and second twice, individual members have won Best Allotment Plot in Borough on two occasions and I helped stage the allotment awards last year.

When the time comes to leave, you know when it’s right, deep down inside of you it feels right to move on. That’s how I felt this morning as the meeting progressed. It will feel odd to know that meetings are being held which I won’t be attending – for a while at least. This is just one more step in the great move to the new allotment, The Railway Garden.

Next I plan to move the flower plants over the coming weeks to The Railway Garden, the roses, the fruit trees and flowers will be moved – hopefully by the end of March – so they have time to establish themselves before their showtime arrives in the summer.

No more backward thinking, time for thinking ahead.


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