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April is your last chance to sow Tomatoes

April is your last opportunity to sow tomatoes for harvesting from July onwards to the first frost, usually late October.

Unlike earlier sowings you don’t need to give them extra heat other than what is provided on a windowsill or in the greenhouse.


Use a good quality seed sowing compost. Fill a 6in pot with compost, flatten, water and place the seeds evenly apart on the surface. Cover with either compost or vermiculite then place on a windowsill or in the greenhouse.


One the first true leaves have appeared it’s time to transplant into individual pots. Gently lift the seedlings, using a pencil to disturb the soil and lift by the leaves only – never handle seedlings by their stem and place into a 9cm pot of compost. You can plant them slightly deeper, up to the first set of leaves, this is especially useful if your seedlings have become leggy. Water and leave to grow until the seedings has developed into a pot plant. Next month we’ll plant them in their final growing positions.


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  1. Since it is still colder that a wican’s mammary I had better wait a week or 2 here in New Ross before i sow tomatoes!

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