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TV Review: Land of the Giants

Whenever a television production company makes a documentary about giant veg it usually shows the gardeners in a poor light – a bunch of twits locked in their own world talking to vegetables. BUT at last a television show has arrived which celebrates these dedicated growers and their achievements.

LAND OF THE GIANTS is a relaxing 30 minute show which follows three well-known giant veg growers through an entire season. All living in Wales we follow Ian, Phillip and new boy on the block Vince. Presented by Sue Perkins, star of The Great British Bake Off.

Vince lives in Barry, the same town which starred in Gavin & Stacey fame. He has a large allotment in a residential street. Whereas Philip from Llanharry and Ian from Newport garden in large polytunnels. Philip is so dedicated to his giant veg allotment that he moves house, but not far, just to the end of the street. A few years ago Ian came to the attention of American rapper Snoop Dogg who had read about the success of his giant swede and wanted to seek advice on how to enhance his own green crops!

But it’s not all plan sailing as the welsh weather has other ideas. During May all growers are hit by heavy rains which sweep across Wales followed by a heatwave in June. Disaster strikes for one of the growers as his giant marrows “cooks” in the heat while another deals with a split end.

Growing at around 6inch a day, the marrows are carefully packed and transported to the show tent for judging. But who will win the First Prize for Heaviest Marrow? Which grower will be smiling and who will be crying into their compost bin at the end of the day?

BBC 1, 7:30pm
Wednesday 23 August 2017
Watch on BBC iPlayer from Wednesday 23 August at 8:30pm http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0920z10


If you’d like to try your hand at growing some giant veg, you’ll need to start off with good quality seed. Here are a few outlets:


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