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Book Review: The Jam Maker’s Garden

The Jam Maker’s Garden is a beautifully presented book which gives clear instructions and confidence to the make the many recipes.

The book has a little gardening section but it’s mainly about how to use fruit, vegetables and herbs in the kitchen. First it shows the basics of making jams then divides into individual recipes with an introduction on how to grow that particular fruit etc.

Recipes are very clearly outlined with very few steps to follow which makes it easy and a joy to use. Throughout the book there are handy ‘Something a little different’ boxes which give first-hand hints and tips on improving the flavour such as adding thyme to Strawberry Jam!

Another aspect of the book which I love is the initial index. Recipes are laid out in accordance to the season when they are available from ‘Spring and Summer’ to ‘Late Summer and Autumn’.

There are very few books which get me so excited that I want to try every recipe I read. The Jam Maker’s Garden is not a book which will gather dust on the bookshelf but will take pride of place in the kitchen and I will be referring to it every time a crop is available to harvest in the kitchen garden. I better stock up on jars!

If you have an interesting in extending the flavours of the season throughout winter, The Jam Maker’s Garden is most certainly a book you will treasure.

Written by Holly Farrell her previous books are Grow Your Own Cakes, RHS Plants from Pips and Planting Plans for your Kitchen Garden.

The Jam Maker’s Garden by Holly Farrell with photographs by Jason Ingram is published by Frances Lincoln.


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