Final sowing of Vegetables this summer

With most gardeners busy collecting harvests you would be forgiven in thinking that the growing season was over. There are still a few vegetables which you can sow in September and here I’ve compiled a list of plants which can be sown. Remember, sowing earlier in the month is better than in the final week.


If you can provide a cloche you can sow a row or patch of rocket in the garden, otherwise sow in the greenhouse. The varieties Fireworks and Tirizia are good for late sowing.


Another green leaf which can be sown. Spinach varieties such as Lazio F1, Trombone F1 and Spinach Beet Perpetual Spinach are good growers.


The only winter lettuce worth growing is the variety Winter Density which also holds an RHS Award of Garden Merit badge to its name. Slightly larger than a Little Gem you can sow from August throughout Winter to April. Provide shelter with cloches in cold weather or grow indoors. Harvest outer leaves rather than a whole plant and your crop will last all winter.


Traditional varieties such as French Breakfast and Scarlet Globe will grow until the first frosts.


Welsh Onion will crop from March to October if sown outdoors in September. They have attractive white flowers in the summer and tastes slightly stronger than traditional chives.


Sow now for a crop next year. Spring Hero F1 can be sown now for cropping between March and May. Durham Early is an old favourite cropping in April and May. For the Savoy lovers, of which I’m one, go for Savoy King F1 which crops over a longer period of time than the others but later in the season from May until December.


Put a few tubers in a large bucket and fill with compost, keep in the greenhouse or frost free area. You will be rewarded with potatoes for Christmas Day. Only use a first early variety such as Rocket, Swift or Casablanca.


Whatever you decided to sow get it in sooner than later. These last weeks of sunshine will kick start any seed into life to develop into a strong plant before the late autumn frost arrive.

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