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Don’t know why I visited the allotment

View looking across from plot from the corner of Bed 1
Not been able to get to the allotment all week so I was disappointed to fly open the curtains to find that the greyness and the rain has continued into the weekend.

I arrived on site around lunchtime and was not surprised to find nobody around. It’s been a devil of a week with the weather, either heavy rain or light rain nearly every day with the exception of Wednesday, but typical, I was in central London that day.

Am not sure what I was expecting to achieve by visiting today. I opened the shed but it was even to dull for a cuppa tea. Checking the temperature gauge it told me the lowest point these past few days had reached -6*c!

Some positives did come out of my visit. It gave me the time to just walk around the plot and plan what needed to be done next. The two beds outside the tea shed have never been touched. The plan was to leave these until Spring but on reflection, on the next dry day (whenever that will be), I’ll strim the grass to ground level and cover with a large sheet of plastic – similar to Bed 3. At least that way any growth will be stopped from taking hold.

Standing on the path of Bed 1 (left) and Bed 2 (right)

The ground in Bed 1 and Bed 2 is very uneven and from what I can see I’m guessing it was used to grow potatoes. There is also a difference in height between Bed 2 and Bed 3, a difference of around 1ft. There is a large area of iron sheeting which may have been a compost bin.

Bed 1
Bed 2
There should be a path here between my plot (left) and my neighbour

Another fine pile of wood chippings

As I left there was another delivery of wood chips. I’ll be back soon and have a few barrows for putting around the trees in the fruit garden but for now, it was time to get home.

Tell me in the comments what you are doing in your gardens at this time of year.

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  1. I am mainly trying to stop the pigeons getting at the brassica and broad beans. Shed tidying and footpath work. I remove last year's surface on paths which are composted pine needles and put down fresh pine needles. The worms in last year stuff are enormous and numerous. The old stuff gets mixed into the compost bin. They lose their acidity when fully composted.Great way to get rid of the huge amount of needles a mature pine tree in my home garden produces.

  2. Nice load of wood chips you have there. I've been marking out and making four more raised beds and pouring over the new seed catalogues to see what all I don't need but just have to have. 🙂

  3. Lots of work to still do, for both you & me. I have got all my raspberries & strawberries in their permanent beds now. Still working on paths. Still a lot of brambles to get rid of. You have been lucky to not have them although grass can be as bad.
    Good luck with the no dig method, I've not been able to get away with doing it like that.

  4. since I still don’t have a greenhouse at my new address I’m converting the basement to a grow room for aquaponics. it’s meant tearing out the old boiler, asbestos covered piping and building stands. turned out I have over 100 yacon plants from the early freeze disaster. getting ready to start seeds. converting from T-5 fluorescents to LED grow lights. 3 red wiggler worm trays, 75 goldfish to start, (2)-4ftx4ft grow beds, (4)-2ftx4ft, (4)-1ftx3.5ft, (3)-2ftx3ft, making room for (2)-3ftx6ft. different sizes for different plants. am ordering a hoody “do a little, do it often” at 72yrs old definitely one of the smartest things I’ve ever heard.

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