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Pea & Bean Feed (Marshalls Seeds)

Concentrated Pea & Bean Feed – Pre-planting

High in potash for superior flowers and fruit
Added micronutrients for all-round plant health
Easy sprinkle, air-tight tub
Get the fattest, sweetest peas and beans, vibrant in colour and with maximum freshness.

Specially-formulated feed, easy to sprinkle on your vegetable patch or containers, for growing excellent quality peas and beans.

Pea & Bean Fertiliser contains the exact nutrients required by pea and bean plants to produce strong, healthy, productive growth.

With added manganese to help prevent yellowing of leaves and zinc to encourage growth and yield.

Supplied in a handy re-sealable tub with dispenser, simply shake over the ground and rake in prior to planting.

N:P:K-11:11:17 with trace elements: Manganese (helps photosynthesis), zinc (healthy hormone production), copper (for regulating healthy energy processes).


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