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Apple and Marzipan spread

This jam can turn out quite sweet if you use sweet apples to start with. But it still tastes delicious on toasted buttered toast or any other sweet bread. Always fill hot jam in hot jars otherwise they might burst. 1.3 kg apples 100 – 150 g of marzipan 300 …

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Strawberry Ice

I love strawberries whether straight off the plants or using them in the kitchen. This is a cooling way to use them and keep yourself refreshed.

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How to Make Rhubarb Cordial

You will need 300ml (10oz) water, 300g (10oz) caster sugar, 1 orange and 1 lemon (both zested and squeezed), 450g (14oz) rhubarb chopped into sections and 1 thumb of ginger, peeled and sliced. Add the sugar and water to a saucepan and bring to a simmer then add the rhubarb, …

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Coconut Pancakes and Mango Sauce

I recently discovered a lovely breakfast idea within the pages of ‘eat smart’ by youtuber Niomi Smart. They were beautiful if a little time consuming, so ideally I would keep them as a treat for the weekend breakfast. You will need: 150g / 1½ cups Rolled Oats (Porridge oats) 2 …

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