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How much rain?!

Got to the allotment early afternoon. Gladys, a few plots from me, was packing up and about to head home. We sat in the sun, it was quite warm, and chatted about life. Over on my allotment the ground was sodden from all the rain overnight. Looking at my rain …

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Terrible Rain

Terrible rain storms overnight. Local social media is showing streets under a foot of water. Sun and dry weather if forecast for later today. Hopefully the plot hasn’t been washed away.

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How to deal with a heatwave

They may be quite rare in recent years but when the UK is hit by a heatwave, it comes in force. Here are just a few tips on how to deal with plants in hot weather. Here are just 4 effective ways of dealing with a heatwave. SHADING In the …

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Benefits of a Hard Frost

For the gardener it’s heartbreaking to open the curtains in the morning to find the garden covered in frost. As the winter sunshine hangs low in the sky, frost can linger in the garden or on the allotment for the majority of the day. However disheartening, there are benefits for a prolonged …

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