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How to Grow Calabrese / Broccoli

This is how I grew my calabrese / broccoli and very nice it tasted as well. Sowed January 2 in an unheated greenhouse. Transplanted March 19 into individual pots. Planted outside April 30. First harvest June 18, final harvest June 22. The harvests were quite close together so a point …

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How to Grow and Care for Hippeastrum (Amaryllis)

Hippeastrum bulbs are popular gifts at Christmas. They are often commonly, but incorrectly, known as amaryllis. The varieties I’m growing are https://www.marshalls-seeds.co.uk/hippeastrum-lady-jane-amarylis-bulbs-pid8062.html https://www.marshalls-seeds.co.uk/hippeastrum-benfica-agm-amaryllis-bulbs-pid8060.html

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Diary: Spring Clean

It was nice to feel the sun touch skin for a few hours. I arrived by 10am to make the most of the sunny morning ahead of me. Sadly the ground was so wet from nearly a week of rain there was nothing that could be done.  So I turned …

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Boxing Day – Traditional day to sow onions

Boxing Day is the traditional day to sow onions. “Sow just after the shortest day, harvest just after the longest day” is what you’d hear from the old boys on the allotment site. There is also a theory that it’s a handy excuse to escape the family and visitors of …

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How to Grow Rhubarb

The first few sticks of rhubarb in late Spring are beautiful. Look after your plant and it will look after you with bountiful harvests throughout the summer and can be stored for use throughout winter. Very easy to grow. VARIETIES Victoria: An easy-to-grow old favourite. Ideal for beginners as it …

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