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Compost Delivered

Took delivery of the compost today. I’ve used this seed and cutting compost before and it’s beautiful to the touch and produced wonderful seedlings. One of the aims this coming season is to try and be one step ahead. Next it’s time to start thinking about what I’m going to …

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Welcome to my new allotment

On January 1, 2018, I visit an allotment site with a view to take on a plot, I came away with two adjacent allotments measuring a total of 17m x 13.7m (56ft x 45ft). Along one side is a mainline railway track and a host of brambles dividing my boundary …

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Runner Beans – Tenderstar

Runner Bean Tenderstar is the fantastic result of 15 years of British breeding; a real breakthrough. Although Tenderstar is a runner bean, this cross has many of the desirable qualities of French beans, with pods being smooth, fleshy and especially stringless. The pods are exceptionally tender and flavoursome. It is …

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Climbing French Bean – Cobra

Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit With attractive purple flowers Stringless varieties Produces huge deliciously tender and tasty crops of exceptional quality beans. With lovely violet flowers too this is a vegetable beautiful enough for any flower border – making it just perfect for pretty and productive gardens. Pods …

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Pea – Alderman

Heritage favourite Around 10 peas for every quality pod Effective as earlier mange-tout like peas Pea ‘Alderman’ is a firm favourite of home growers up and down the country. A dependable variety that gives you big crops of large, quality dark green pea pods. Withstanding the tests of time since …

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Calabrese – Marathon F1

Awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit Satisfying superfood 30 potential heads, plus sideshoots to boot Calabrese Marathon F1 takes the lead for performance, quality and harvest. Marathon gives you medium-sized, uniform, dense heads of turquoise ‘beads’ on robust plants that thrive in both heavy and light soils and loam, …

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