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Is Aaron Hickman the new Joe Maiden?

When Joe Maiden died in September 2015 BBC Radio Leeds lost their best-loved gardening presenter. Joe appeared every Sunday morning for three hours with presenter Tim Crowther and the audience loved him.

You could hear the twinkle in his voice as he recounted endless gardening tales and his wealth of knowledge spanned everything from flowers to vegetables and show growing. So when he died there was little doubt that nobody would be able to fill his shoes.

Over the past year or two Tim Crowther has occasionally been joined by Aaron Hickman, an ex-student of Askham Bryan College in York. A place where he currently works in their glasshouses.

Aaron Hickman on BBC Radio Leeds showing Tim Crowther leaf samples.

Aaron has a vast wealth of knowledge and delivers his advice with a natural warmth to his voice and enthusiasm, similar to Joe Maiden. There is a down-to-earthness about Aaron, a young Harry Dodson if you like – not only in the way he dresses. As he talks on the radio you feel like you are just leaning on the garden gate having a chat while out on a Sunday morning stroll around the village.

At the moment Aaron appears on the radio show occasionally but it would be well worth BBC Radio Leeds sitting up and recognising this new talent which is right under their nose. Listen to Aaron on the latest Sunday Gardening with Tim Crowther podcast by visiting this link.

Sunday Gardening with Tim Crowther can be found on BBC Radio Leeds every Sunday morning at 9am until 12noon and also online via the BBC iPlayer at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p001d7nt

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