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19. August Tour & New Plants (August Year 1)

Welcome to my new allotment. It’s time for the first tour of the allotment as I explain my plans and deal with the first plants from Marshalls ( to arrive.


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  1. I love that you are showing everything from the start again. I am starting to clear my new area and the weeds are mostly taller than me. You give me hope that I can succeed if I just make plans and pay attention to the landscape. Love that you looked for the highest point for the water. Love the air raid shelter sign. I try to add in something each year and this year it is avacado trees (2 of them) and I am about out of room for fruit trees and will be focusing in on clearing to get my greenhouse in before winter to put the trees in and then making the raised beds before spring. I am going to take pictures because looking back on your previous videos it is so encouraging to see the progress of what a disaster the site looked like and how far it has come in a year, two or three. Love your site and info
    Florida Gardener

  2. Yes! I too enjoy that you are starting from the beginning. I’ve watched and have enjoyed your videos. I’ve started no-dig beds in my backyard and built a compost bin using your philosophy…do a little but do it often. Thanks for your wisdom and videos!

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