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How to Save Your Potatoes After Frost

Seed potatoes effected by frost

Your potatoes are chitting in the shed and there is a hard frost, what do you do? How to tell if your potatoes have been ‘frosted’? Can you use seed potatoes effected by frost?  A cold frost in late Winter/early Spring can catch any gardener out. Around this time potatoes …

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Frost, Spinach, Savoy Cababges

A hard frost arrived this week so there was a need to cover tender crops including my potatoes, but with no fleece at hand I had to use something else. In the greenhouse the Savoy Cabbages are transplanted and the first sowing of Spinach is complete.

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Planting first early Potatoes

Today is a New Moon day which is good for crops that grow below ground, eg: potatoes, carrots, swede, etc. I planted 2 rows of early potatoes, v. Duke of York, in one of the raised beds. Yes it is early and I wouldn’t normally plant outside this early, but …

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The Best Spuds for Jacket Potatoes

I’ve just returned home from the allotment. There were many people tending their plots this evening and we all commented on how dark it was getting at 7:30pm. With the light fading I rushed to harvest some potatoes for dinner. In my no-dig beds I planted a few rows of …

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Growing Potatoes for Christmas Dinner

As we enjoy the summer we must give some time to think about Winter and the crops we’d like to enjoy during the colder months. For new potatoes in December and especially Christmas Day, August is the traditional month for planting. Sean plants the variety Charlotte, putting two seed potatoes …

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