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Receiving a 28 Day Letter

Within the allotment world there is a phrase which puts fear into the heart of any gardener – the ’28 Day letter’. If you have been sent a 28 day letter it usually means that your plot isn’t meeting the standards of that allotment site. You will have 28 days …

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Different types of Allotments

There is no set layout to an allotment. Traditionally the method was to have straight lines of plants, row after row, but in recent years allotments are become more of a mix for leisure and gardening. Visit your allotment at different times of day to work out where the sun …

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How to Apply for an Allotment?

Sites are either owned by the local authority or from private landlords. Local authority sites are either classed as temporary sites or statutory sites. Statutory sites are protected by law. To apply for an allotment plot contact your local authority who will have a list of both authority and private …

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Giving up an Allotment

So you’ve decided to give up your allotment. It’s not an easy decision to arrive at and for most people it can be because they have received a 28 day letter. Whatever the reasons, it is too easy to just walk away and leave the next plot holder with your …

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Changing Face of Allotments

This week I’ve found myself at the centre of a news story rather than writing about it. You see, around four weeks ago I made a comment on my personal gardening blog in relation to a story published in the gardening magazine, Amateur Gardening. An article written by Matthew Appleby …

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