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    You are right, it is definitely time to meet up and share a cuppa. I need to get Thursday out of the way but after that my time becomes a lot less torrid. I will give you a shout and then lets get together. All the best.

  2. Bravo! I complete agree with social media taking over our lives. When I do life and don’t get on FB for days at a time, I come back to loads of messages asking if I’m ill, if I’m in a strop and just not “talking” (I’m happy and well, and will gladly talk, just call me!), etc., etc. Enjoy your life and take care of yourself, Sean, and I’ll “see” you on your next vid. 🙂
    Luv always.

  3. Four years ago a friend showed me a photo of myself endorsing a product I have never used and would never use, on Facebook. Quit same day Do not miss it