Diary 2017

History of The Rusty Allotment

After being on the council list for 6 months I was getting frustrated that I hadn’t heard anything. I visited the site and managed to pin a note on the inside of the main entrance gates. All it said was… “Keen to start my plot before winter sets in. Please …

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Heating the Greenhouse & Planting Out

This week we have a really hard frost, hopefully the last of the season, so I was busy making sure the greenhouse kept above freezing in order to protect all the seedlings I’ve got. I also meet up with Tamara on her plot, this is the allotment which Geoff had. …

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Frost, Spinach, Savoy Cababges

A hard frost arrived this week so there was a need to cover tender crops including my potatoes, but with no fleece at hand I had to use something else. In the greenhouse the Savoy Cabbages are transplanted and the first sowing of Spinach is complete.

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Brighton & Snow!

The first snow of the year falls on the allotment and Sean spends some time in the seaside town of Brighton, while back at the allotment Vivi is harvesting winter veg.

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