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Last chance to sow Tomatoes

April is your last opportunity to sow tomatoes for harvesting from July onwards to the first frost, usually late October. Unlike earlier sowings you don’t need to give them extra heat other than what is provided on a windowsill or in the greenhouse. HOW TO SOW TOMATOES Use a good …

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Soil Temperature

If the soil temperature is lower than 8*c I would stay off it. If you have to walk over the soil use a scaffolding board to protect it. If plants are frozen, don’t touch them, especially don’t prune – you’ll do more damage. Just sit back, work on your plans …

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Different types of Allotments

There is no set layout to an allotment. Traditionally the method was to have straight lines of plants, row after row, but in recent years allotments are become more of a mix for leisure and gardening. Visit your allotment at different times of day to work out where the sun …

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